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Crushing poverty is a reality in coffee growing countries. 70% of the work is performed by women. A coalition has formed to offer women producers much needed resources. Women of Coffee Microfinance, IWCA,, and Rotary Action Group for Microcredit (RAGM) are raising money, offering access to credit and financial literacy training.



Current microfinance programs in El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala are all paid back at 100%. This is almost unheard of. Roasters in North America are donating premiums for technical assistance, empowerment training, management seminars, nurseries, schools, clinics, improved washing stations, and dry mills. The sustainable impact is being measured, replicated, and rewarded.

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Your purchase of Transparent Trade Cuppa Jill® gives back to microfinance for women on every pound you buy. Vote with your dollar by always choosing certified organic and products that promote social justice. Interested in doing more?

Buy Cuppa Jill® at a wholesale price and use it as a fundraiser. Thank you for participating in a solution from Tree to Cup!